1. Data Augmentation and the Exploration of Transfer Learning in GANs. As part of our final year project, me and a couple of fellow students are working on the above mentioned topic. Our aim is to augment datasets, that are imbalanced, as well as try to reduce the time and resources that a GAN requires to be trained. To this effect, we’ve started work on this topic, and carried out relevant literature survey. We’re also exploring the concept of transfer learning applied to GANs. If you’re interested to know more about our work, feel free to drop in a mail or get in touch with us. Ultimately we envisage that this work will be used to augment datasets in the medical domain.

2. Student Behavioural Modelling System.
Acquisition of various kinds of data related to the students of a college, to analyze their performance over time, from their freshman year onwards, and also to understand the influence of various factors on their academic and overall performance. The aim here is to essentially predict the placements of students, i.e. the probability that they’ll get placed , if so where , et al. Link

3. Breast Cancer Detection System.
An artificial medical diagnostic system, which aims to supplement / complement doctor’s diagnosis, by giving a prediction based on the results of the tests conducted on the patients. This project was undertaken as part of the course “ Object Oriented Analysis and Design”, using Python + Scikit + Pandas + Django. Link

4. DC Motor Closed Loop Speed Control System.
A closed loop speed control system built for a DC Motor using a P controller, in Arduino, with using the concept of PID controller, with the justification of the constants used as well, coupled with a report. Link